PO Box 1677
Dayton, OH 45401
Founded 1923
Incorporated 1976
DCWC was conceived by a small group of dedicated ladies, organized in January 1923, under the banner of Our Lady of Good Counsel, and established for the purpose of promoting a spirit of unity and cooperation among the 
Catholic women of the Dayton, Ohio 
 educational, social and humanitarian 
interests and benevolent outreach.

The role of DCWC throughout the years 
has been diversified and far-reaching. 
Our motto -- To look for the best in others; 
to give the best we have" -- has taken us 
across many thresholds to serve in 
limitless ways. Our invovlement in civic 
activities, youth groups, community 
centers, study clubs, service 
organizations and promoting the arts 
has garnered momentum as needs were reflected and our ladies contributed their talents. Numerous awards of recognition rest among the memorabilia of devoted members who, throughout their many years of service, have amassed countless volunteer hours, performed exhaustive tasks, administered in the needs of area hospitals, gladdened the hearts of the lonely and infirm in rest homes and institutions and served the community in many ways.

From its infancy, DCWC's primary 
benevolent work was making and 
donating layettes and clothing for 
needy infants and children through 
the Needlework Guild. Later. these 
clothing needs were met by DCWC 
through donations to Catholic Social 

In more recent years, DCWC has 
expanded and diversified its 
charitable and civic work and 
donations. Membership dues and 
fundraising events provide the 
means for sharing. A listing of the 
organizations we assist is 
publisheded each year with our 
Treasurer's Report.

Membership in DCWC is 
conditioned upon being in sympathy 
with its aims and purposes. Officers 
and Board Members are elected from the membership annually.

Honorary membership is conferred upon His Grace, the Most Reverend Archbishop of Cincinnati, and is conferred on others in recognition of exceptional service to the organization or in the community or national affairs. To date, 15 lay members have been so honored

This concise history of DCWC was prepared by Mrs. Leroy H. Clune (President 1965-66) and updated by her daughter, Mrs. Robert Rankin (President 1989-90).

Dayton Catholic Women's Club
Dayton Catholic Women's Club
 To look for the best in others ... To give the best we have

Patron Saint
Our Lady of 
Good Counsel